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Meet Bijou


Bijou, Can. Am. Ch, Ashbrooks Star Bijou of SMB, was Sophie’s first female bichon and the cornerstone of her breeding program. Bijou was tested for hips (both OFA and PennHip certified), elbows (OFA certified), knees (Patellas Luxation OFA certified), thyroid (OFA certified), heart (OFA certified), eyes (CERF certified), Legg-Calf-Perthies (OFA certified). She achieved Canadian Championship status very quickly and received two group firsts in her first outing. Bijou’s line has produced many championship dogs so you can be assured of the quality of your new puppy.





After completing her Canadian Championship, Bijou went to California to attain her American Championship, handled by Bill and Taffe McFadden.  Thank You Bill & Taffe!

Pictured above winning a 4 point Major in Puyallup, WA.


Bijou's Pedigree


                                                       Am Ch Gaylors Goldcoast Obsession

                                        Am Ch Paw Mark's Sunny Side Up

                                                       Am Ch Paw Mark Icing Of Hidden Oak

               Am Ch Chamour Cristiano Chaminade      

                                                        Am Can Ch Craigdale Yoannewyn El Toro

                                        Am Ch Chaminade Sprindale Chamour

                                                           Am Ch Chaminade Chamour Samantha

Am Can Ch Ashbrooks Star Bijou of SMB

                                                            Am Int Can Mex BIS BISS Ch Chminade LeBlanc Chamour

                                         Am BIS BISS Chaminade Larshire Lafitte

                                                            Am Ch Chaminade Hollyhock Heather

                     Am Can Ch Ashbrooks Story Teller                   

                                                           Am Can Ch Craigdale Yoannewyn El Toro

                                        Can Ch Ashbrooks Ive A Story to Tell

                                                           Can Ch Ashbrooks Dreaming Up Mischief