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"Koda continues on impressing us with his great behaviour and understanding,  he is in great shape.   He loves the exercises and stimulation that he gets with the whole family.  No health problems whatsoever. We love him so much." Manon,  Embrun, ON




"Almost four years ago, my husband and I decided to get a bichon frise.  Our search for a reputable and responsible breeder led us to Sophie Bernard, owner of So Much Better Bichons. 


After completing a puppy questionnaire and having telephone conversations with Sophie, we were on our way to becoming a puppy owner.  Our prized treasure, Winter, arrived in Newfoundland in January and he immediately won our hearts.  A few short months later, we decided to bring Winter's brother, Alvin home.   We were not disappointed!


They both have an excellent outgoing temperament and the quality of these bichons is like no other.  They have plush white coats, beautiful black halo's, and no eye staining.  They are just happy-go-lucky dogs.  We were fortunate to have found SMB and we'd highly recommend Sophie Bernard to anyone considering this breed.  Sophie has provided us with much guidance over the years from potting training tips to choice of food.  Sophie is to be commended for the work she does to bring us a "so much better bichon."


Thank you Sophie! 


"We are so happy with both of our little guys.  They are so affectionate, funny, happy and they love to socialize.  They even enjoy canoeing with us!

They have become our little companions for life!"    Joy and Peter B., St. John’s Nfld






"I have appreciated the continuous communication I received from Sophie throughout the entire process of waiting for our new little pup.  Her honesty and helpful tips have come in handy.  We love our new addition to our family."   Anne-Marie L. Montreal, Que






"As a first-time Bichon owner, Sophie provided me with support and guidance that allowed Bijou to transition seamlessly into my family.  Bijou is all I ever hoped for...cheerful, loving, well behaved, healthy and, overall, a fine companion.  Thanks, Sophie, for all your help in bringing us together."   Barb M., Liverpool, NY




"After many years in the pet industry I decided that a Bichon Frise would be the ideal pet and companion for me. I sought out a reputable breeder, one who understood their breed, was conscientious in the placement of their puppies, the betterment of their breed through proper breeding techniques and who would provide ongoing support and knowledge for their puppy owners. Sophie provided all of these things and more. She is always available for me as a puppy owner and provided me with an excellent veterinarian. Sophie makes sure her puppies are started off on their new life with proper weaning, socialization and proper food. I have a beautiful, well adjusted dog! Thanks Sophie!"

Kathy Smith & Zephyr - OttawaON